Allison Bulat

Allison graduated with a BA degree in Human Resource Management / Organizational Development and went on to obtain multiple advanced/graduate-level certifications to include Project Management, Information Systems Management, Technology Quality Assurance, and Clinical Research Management.

Allison held the position of Senior Director of Software Quality Assurance for Choice Hotels International for 14 years. She “retired” from her full-time career when her son started kindergarten and moved into the field of consulting.  She has since been responsible for many high-profile technology projects within large organizations, centered on organizational development, business strategy, and cybersecurity.

Having lost her husband to ALS in 2016, Allison has since committed her time and energy to helping others on the journey, and to doing whatever is possible to enable a cure for ALS to be found. In addition to her current role in Patient Engagement for the HEALEY ALS Center at Massachusetts General Hospital,  she serves as  a member of the Patient Advisory Board, EAP Advisory Board, and Retention and Recruitment Committee for the Healey ALS Platform Trial.  She is  a Certified NEALS Research Ambassador, serving as the Co-Chair of the NEALS Patient Education and Advocacy Committee (PEACe), the Patient Liaison to the Executive Leadership Team of NEALS, and as a member of the NEALS Recruitment and Retention and Education Committees. In her local state of Arizona, she is an active Board Member of the Arizona chapter of the ALS Association.