Emily Plowman

Dr. Emily Plowman is a Professor at the University of Florida in the Departments of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Surgery, and Neurology. She serves as the Doctoral Program Director and Clinical Director of the Breathing Research and Therapeutics Center. Dr. Plowman established and directs the Aerodigestive Research Core (ARC). The mission of the ARC laboratory is to improve the detection and clinical management of upper aerodigestive tract disorders associated with speech, swallowing and breathing function through patient-centric research. Her current research foci include: 1) Increasing the understanding of governing mechanisms of normal and disordered aerodigestive tract functions (speech, swallowing, breathing, airway clearance), 2) validation of accurate and pragmatic clinical screening tools to enable earlier clinical detection of disordered function, and 3) Development and evaluation of novel therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Plowman is an internationally recognized expert in the field of dysphagia who was recently recognized by the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders for her work in this area. She has over 80 publications and book chapters, given over 500 lectures worldwide, and obtained over 30 grants to complete innovative research. Dr. Plowman holds current funding from the NINDS, NIA, NINR, NICHD, ALS Association, and the Childrens Miracle Network and has held consecutive NIH funding since commencing her academic career in 2009.